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Islamabad Federal College is well equipped with the state of art technological support, labs related to relevant programs, library, computers and multimedia support systems. The lecture halls, conference and class rooms are spacious and air-conditioned, besides having the other facilities for teaching and training.

Clinical Training

IFC is affiliated with a number of healthcare facilities, where the students are provided with clinical training under watchful expert supervision to equip them to perform their duties in the most challenging clinical settings. The number of clinically affiliated institutions is steadily increasing with coming semester.
The duration, frequency and the scope of the clincial training program is in accordance with the syllabas and guidlines prescribed by HEC, Pakistan.

Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

To benefit from real life experiences of renowned national and international scholars, scientists, doctors, engineers, managers, leaders and artists, the IFC and its academic departments organizes lectures, workshops and seminars to inspire the students. In this way the students can easily interact with the professionals and get hands-on experience.

IT and Computer Services

IT and Computer Services department provides a wide range of services, facilities and support including high speed network access, high specification PCs and laptops and high quality help, advice and training to the students, faculty and staff members. The IFC is using 10MB fiber-optic internet connectivity through the HEC’s PERN project. This facility is providing state-of-the-art communication infrastructure to meet the requirement of the networking and internet relating to the learning and research. This facilitates audio/video conferencing and access to the digital library resources and to the University Information Portal. All the campuses and hostels are linked through fiber-optic and alongside Wi-Fi internet access is also available at several locations.

A structured program for using computers in the field of medical education; namely “Computer Assisted Learning Program” is also introduced to enhance the computing skills of the students. Top of the line Campus Management and Learning Management Systems have also been installed to ensure quick and online academic services to all the stakeholders.

Research and Development

Islamabad Federal Colleage for Research and Education (IFCRE) is created as a centre of excellence dedicated to conduct research and innovative development projects for the advancement of science and technology and creation of knowledge with holistic and integrated vision of life. IFCRE is actively pursuing development of quality researchers and educationists with internationalization and integration of Islamic norms and values. It is also involved in the development of academic programs for the students and learners with an emphasis on the advancement in intellectual, social, ethical, emotional and moral spheres.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

The classroom and auditoriums are fully furnished and are equipped with audio/video aids for better modern learning environment.

Student Common Rooms

IFC has a policy of separate male and female common rooms on all the campuses.


IFC provides transport service separately for male and female students of the hostels to and from the campus and also for weekly market trips. Transport to cater any emergency needs is also available around the clock. IFC vehicles for day scholars commute between the campuses and the twin cities of Islamabad-and-Rawalpindi on several prescribed routes.


Hostel accommodation is available on first come first basis for 300 students. The male and female hostels are separate. The students residing in the hostels have to observe and adhere to Islamic values. To observe these values, the University authority has laid down the rules and regulations which the students have to comply with. The students needing hostel accommodation have to apply at the time of admission on the prescribed form.

Motorcycle and Car Parking Lots

Every campus has its own parking lots which are the part of the campus-premises and open for all the students, who possess permanent and valid driving licenses. Students can easily register their vehicles with the Administration to get parking slots. Active security is available in these areas and no car without IFC sticker is allowed in the campus. Most of the parking areas are blessed heat reducing shades and with natural sheds of the green trees.

CO-Curricular Activites

IFC provides the students needed creative literary and sports opportunities to develop their talent. Sports week is arranged once a year for in-door and outdoor activities, essay, debate, qirat and naat competitions are also part of this week.